Does Your Duct System Look Like This?

Is your A/C unit working overtime?   I have family that lives in Houston and in Tampa.   I know how essential it is to keep the cold air flowing.  You really can’t live without it in those areas of the country and many others.  

If your A/C is running 24/7 for months on end, that is a lot of energy being used and a lot of big electric bills.   The US Comfort Institute states that most duct systems are only about 57% efficient.  Well, that’s 43% Inefficient!   You could be burning $100 bills faster than you can change into a dry shirt! 

Take a look at these pictures.   If your duct system has any of these typical restrictions, and chances are, it probably does, you could do your family a huge favor and make your house much more comfortable.  You can also save a bunch of money and dramatically extend the service life of your system by straightening out those saggy and kinked ducts.  Low airflow is the #1 cause of compressor failure and a leading cause of blower motor failure.  Replacing one of those is extremely painful to your pocketbook.   

The Duct Saddle Strapping System is fast and easy to install with no tools required!   

Get some at and let the cold air flow, restriction free!  Mabye you could get a new putter and actually get some enjoyment from that next $100 bill!   Here’s to staying cool Efficiently!!

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