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Why do I need to fix my HVAC ducts?

Here’s the problem…  Ducts are ridiculously difficult and frustrating to install.  It is a horrible, thankless job, much of the time, sweat pouring down the installer’s face in a 140 degree, cramped, dark attic space while wearing a particulate breathing mask to filter out the incredible amounts of dust and insulation fibers floating in the […]


This is a very typical problem.  Do you have certain rooms that are hot and others that seem to get all the cool air?    It’s pretty simple actually, your A/C unit is either cooling or it’s not.  If the unit is cooling but your still not feeling the comfort you expect, the answer could […]

How can I tell if I have a problem with my A/C ducts?

Do you avoid some rooms in your house because they’re uncomfortable? Have you felt the air coming out of your registers?  Is it blowing out nicely or barely detectable?  Is your A/C constantly running?   Is your power bill too high? Have you called an A/C repairman, spent $300 and it’s still no better than […]

How Can I Tell If I Have Bad Airflow?

Low airflow is a very common problem in HVAC systems.  Kinks and sags in your duct system create restrictions in your airflow that cost you A LOT of money and damage your equipment.     Low airflow is the #1 cause of compressor failure and a leading cause of blower motor failure.  Low airflow makes […]

Does Your Duct System Look Like This?

Is your A/C unit working overtime?   I have family that lives in Houston and in Tampa.   I know how essential it is to keep the cold air flowing.  You really can’t live without it in those areas of the country and many others.   If your A/C is running 24/7 for months on […]

BPI Listing

The Duct Saddle Strapping System has just been approved by the Building Performance Institute.  BPI is the leading product certification watchdog for the Green Building industry.   Would you like to make your HVAC duct system more efficient?  Pick up some www.DuctSaddles.com today!! Thank you BPI!!