How Can I Tell If I Have Bad Airflow?

Low airflow is a very common problem in HVAC systems.  Kinks and sags in your duct system create restrictions in your airflow that cost you A LOT of money and damage your equipment.    

Low airflow is the #1 cause of compressor failure and a leading cause of blower motor failure.  Low airflow makes your system work much harder and much longer under increased working loads.  A new compressor can run you, on average $1350-1800.   A new blower motor is a $600-$750 job.  Not exactly a cheap fix.  You know its going to happen at the same time your car needs tires and your washing machine dies.  Don’t let it happen!!

Here’s how to tell if your duct system has restrictions. 

  • Notice if any rooms in your house are significantly less comfortable than others.
  • Feel the air coming out of the registers.  Is it blowing nice and strong or just barely detectable?  
  • Look at your ducts.  Are there sharp bends?  Are there deep sags between support straps?
  • Are your ducts being strangled by narrow straps which are restricting the air passageway?  

If you detect any of these problems, you can do yourself a great service that will save you a lot of money and increase the useful life of your system.  Get the Duct Saddle Strapping System, straighten it out quickly, with no tools required, and you’ll be more comfortable and save yourself a lot of money and headache.   It’s easy!  

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