This is a very typical problem.  Do you have certain rooms that are hot and others that seem to get all the cool air?   

It’s pretty simple actually, your A/C unit is either cooling or it’s not.  If the unit is cooling but your still not feeling the comfort you expect, the answer could be very simple and inexpensive.  Solving this problem can give you the comfort you are looking for and save you A WHOLE LOT of money on your power bill.  

If you call a heating and A/C company, what is the first thing they ask you?  Without question probably 100% of the time, you’ll get asked, “When was the last time you changed the filter?”  Right?  There is a very good reason for that.  Airflow is the most important ingredient to having a comfortable house, other than if the unit itself is working properly.  

If your unit is cooling, more than likely your problem is AIRFLOW.  What good is it, if your A/C unit is making ice cold air, if it doesn’t get properly distributed to the living areas to keep you cool?   Did you mean to burn those $100 bills?  

That’s where we come in.  

The Duct Saddle Strapping System is exactly what you need to fix the kinks, sagging and restrictions in your duct system so the nice cold air your unit is making gets distributed throughout the home properly, so you actually get the benefits you are paying for.   Nice cool air and a comfortable house.  Not to mention you’ll save up to 43% on your electric bill.  Your run-times could be cut in half by proper air flow.  Also, the reduced stress on your system reduces breakdowns and extends the life of your unit.  Did you know the #1 cause of compressor failure is Low Airflow?  Low airflow is also one of the leading reasons for blower motor replacement.  Without proper airflow, these components are working twice as hard as they need to.  Combine that with extended cycle times and you have a perfect recipe for a breakdown.   The average new compressor bill is between $1350-1600.  A new blower motor is likely to run you about $600-750.  Ouch!

So, save your money, get a more comfortable house and save your system from an early death.  Get yourself some duct saddles, remove the restrictions in your duct system and let the air flow!!

Get yours today at 

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