Why do I need to fix my HVAC ducts?

Here’s the problem…  Ducts are ridiculously difficult and frustrating to install.  It is a horrible, thankless job, much of the time, sweat pouring down the installer’s face in a 140 degree, cramped, dark attic space while wearing a particulate breathing mask to filter out the incredible amounts of dust and insulation fibers floating in the air.  Most HVAC crews assign this task to the lowest seniority and least qualified guy on the crew because nobody wants to do it.   The new guy has no idea about the importance of pulling the duct tight and creating a restriction-free, efficient system.  

The installer is not the one that will pay for the increased utility bills.  He’ll be long gone by the time the homeowner realizes that a couple of the rooms in the house are a full 10 degrees hotter than the others.  He just wants to get out of that attic as fast as possible, and probably go, immediately to look for an easier career.     

Inspectors in the past really didn’t know the effects of poorly installed duct work and many times overlook obvious problems.  They figure nobody is going to die over inefficient ductwork.  Most installers only concentrate on getting the job signed off according to “code” which is the absolute minimum standard, not the maximum standard of workmanship.  The builder or contractor is not going to pay for the higher energy bills caused by a poor installation so they really don’t care.  They want to do it as fast and as cheap as they can.  Therefore the duct system is more often than not, poorly installed and inefficient.   The US Department of Energy states the average duct system is only about 60% efficient.  Well, think about it, that’s 40% inefficient. How would you like to throw away 40% of your electric bill every month?  That’s exactly what is probably happening in your attic right now.  Over time, that’s a pile of money!  

What if, for about $50 and an hour of your time, you could easily remove the restrictions in your duct system and get the comfort and energy efficiency your system should provide for you?   Also, you can reduce the stress on your HVAC unit making it work less, reduce breakdowns and make it last much longer?   Did you know, low airflow is the #1 cause of compressor failure?  It is.  Also low airflow is one of the leading causes of blower motor failure.  You don’t want one of these breakdowns.  They are not cheap to fix. 

So, today, you can get the energy efficiency and comfort you deserve in a fraction of the time it used to take.  You don’t need any special training or tools.  You’ll also probably save more than the cost of the saddle system in just the first year.  

The Duct Saddle Strapping System installs super-fast, using the existing strapping.  You don’t even have to disconnect the straps!  Using the patented strap channel, just lift the duct a little, slide the saddle onto the strap, lower the duct to ride on the load distributing saddle to smooth out the kinks and restrictions in your duct system.     

Get yours today and start saving money and being more comfortable!!


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